Who is she


Based out of Waterloo, Canada, Paige Warner brings soothing sounds of contemporary R&B and pop to her recordings and live shows. Her voice is known to captivate, yet her musicianship subtly perfects her vibe. Following her “Revealed” release, she continues to regularly perform shows and write music (new music coming soon!). Listen to Paige’s music to soothe your ears, your soul, and relive past loves.


“I’ve never heard a voice as evocative as Warner’s.”

– Marshall Arts, Waterloo Chronicle

“She’s obviously a born entertainer. She has crazy stage presence. She held the whole room in the palm of her hand. She just had to sing those first few notes and she captivated everyone. She’s just super talented.”

– ObserverXtra




by Paige Warner

Upcoming Shows


July 18 // Bingeman’s Boston Pizza (Kitchener) // 6-9pm

July 20 // Duke & Duchess (Cambridge) // 9pm-1am(crowd favourites with Sean Sawa)

July 27 // The Shot Semi-Finals @ the Revival Bar (Toronto) // 5pm tickets: https://theshot.eventastic.com/events/26136

July 28 // Blackhorse Pub (Peterborough) // 6:30-9:30pm

August 8 // Bingeman’s Boston Pizza (Kitchener) // 6-9pm

August 10 // Duke & Duchess (Cambridge) // 9pm-1am(crowd favourites with Sean Sawa)

August 11 // Alchemy (Toronto) // 10pm-midnight (full band!)

August 22 // Block 3 Brewing (St. Jacobs) // 6-8:30pm

August 24 // Mahtay Café & Lounge (St. Catharines) // 7:30-9:30pm